Audiocenter MA15

MA15 Powered plastic moulded 15″ speaker

The Audiocenter MA15 is a powered plastic moulded 15″ speaker with stereo Bluetooth functionality,45-degree wedge for monitoring, pole mount and flying points for fixed rigging. It can be widely used in fixed installation and touring performance.

Frequency response 45Hz-20KHz. Maximum SPL 133dB. Class D amplifier. Protection DC, short circuit, overheating, input and output overload, soft start over voltage and under voltage protection. Stereo Bluetooth connectivity. Three channel on board mixer. Two female XLR input, 3.5mm aux input and XLR male output link.

Audiocenter is a professional audio brand, originating from innovative technology which is carried through to the present day, integrating excellent global resources, blending worldwide cutting-edge technology in its designs and manufactured efficiently and intelligently in China.
Audiocenter adopts a strict and careful dedication to brand identification, core principles and is devoted to global brand distribution.