High-end professional audio brand

Intergrating excellent resources and provides advanced audio solutions.




Stands on the shoulders of giants.

If I have been able to see further, it was only because I stood on the shoulders of giants.

– Issac Newton


Audiocenter intergrates the excellent resources globally and transforms the audio technology from Europe and America into manufacturing and technology application. Audiocenter stands on the shoulders of giants to provide advanced audio solutions for all customers and commits to global brand promotion.



CORE VALUE – share the pleasure of sound.

Audiocenter born with genes of technology innovation. With the strict, careful and dedicated minds for commercial manufacturing and brand idea. Audiocenter is devoted to global brand promotion.

Intergrating excellent resources in AUDIO field globally and blending top technology from Europe and America with intelligent production in China. Audiocenter is dedicated to make more humanized, passionate and fashionable professional audio products and offer advanced audio sustem solutions for global customers.

Intergration of Supplier Resources

Audiocenter core materials are customised by internationally well-known brands from Europe and America. The brillian supplier reqources ensure long-term stable and powerful supply and support to Audiocenter.

Audiocenter invite all suppliers to be involved in R&d since the beginning of a new project and make use of each others advantages.

Intergration of R&D Technologies Resources

Chief R&D Director

– Joan La Roda


Audiocenter inegrates the global resources of R&D technologies, Institutions and experts, and keep developing new products with improved and advanced technologies.

Audiocenter has built a professional R&D team with 11R&d engineers from Germany, Italy, Spain, Denmark, America and more than 30 R&D people in China, with Klaus Schwaiger, an electro-acoustic expert from Germany as the chief techinical consultant.

Audiocenter cooperates with acoustic institutes from Berlind College, Sun Yat-Sen University and Nanjing University, ad Electroacoustic experts from Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Spain and Belgium etc.

Intergration of Manufacturing Resources

Audiocenter global care manufacturing base is one of the largest and most professional maufacturers in China.

With monthly producation capability of over 20, 000 pcs and 10, 000 pcs speakers. Audiocenter core manufacturing base is one of the largests and most professional manufactueres in China. The exquisite manufacturing technology, high reliability and oustanding production capacity ensures strong backup for Audiocenter.

Intergration of Application Technology Resources

Experiencing sales is the special sales mode of Audiocenter, which is supported by strong techinical support system.

Audiocenter builds up a technical support team with techinical application engineers all over the world, such as Jrge Uriel Nunez Vega from Mexico and Roshan Malim from India, who have rich experience in technical support.

Audiocenter has stable technical support team with fast response, which can offer support to the global distributors with technical training on products and systems and the promotion.

Audiocenter can provide technical support from beginning till the end, like turn-key solution design, products technology communication, installation and debugging, following up feedback, after-sales service, training etc.




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