Audiocenter Artist T45-DSP

T45-DSP active DSP-controlled line array loudspeaker

Artist T45-DSP active DSP-controlled line array adopts front bass reflex design and elaborate driver layout, the cabinet is very small and lightweight. With innovative ETE™ wave guide technology, T45-DSP delivers supreme sound performance that no need too much correction while tuning. T45-DSP is very compact, but with very high SPL and long throw.

Artist T45-DSP is highly integrated with the BrainCore™ technology. 3 presets can be recalled easily by the switch on back panel. It is a plug and play system with user-friendly ergonomic design accessories to ensure easy and quick installation. The angle of the fly bar can be adjusted 0.5 °, 1.5 °, 3 °, 5 °, 7 °, 10° according to different venues.


  • Maximum SPL 136 dB
  • Customized driver
  • The innovative ETETM waveguide technology can ensure excellent frequency response, to achieve very smooth transitions between HF and LF, which provides precise horizontal coverage and ensures clear and balanced sound for the system.
  • Built in DSP with 96kHz signal sampling frequency
  • Class D amplifier
  • Advanced cooling system in the driver
  • Optimized, compact and light weight cabinet design for easy usage
  • Comprehensive accessories for different applications